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Professional Baseball & Softball Instruction for the Serious Player

Just Hits started from a dream of Mike Just while playing professional baseball. To pass on the knowledge and experiences he learned at all levels of the game he started "Just Hits" by himself in the indoor batting cages of St. Joseph Regional High School (Montvale), then moved to a store front in Park Ridge with two more instructors. Just Hits grew into a facility in Westwood and beginning in August of 2017 we have moved into the NJ Home Field Advantage facility at 50 Spring St, Ramey, NJ

Just Hits - SJR

“Here at Just Hits, we prefer serious baseball/softball players only. Our focus is on the baseball and softball players who really want to improve rather than those that are forced to improve. Our entire staff has been playing for over 20 years and has most recently been in professional ball within the past 7 years competing against high level professional competition.

We have connections with high schools and colleges for both baseball and softball as well as some professional connections. We have no problem making calls on our client’s behalf to help the player in pursuit of his or her dreams and desired schools. There is never a guarantee, but we will try for our client.”

However, what I can guarantee is the professional knowledge and care your son/daughter will receive for his/her lesson will exceed your expectations. We rarely cancel lessons on our end and our pro staff will go above and beyond to ensure your son/daughter is special and is the most important person during his/her lesson. This quality is really what your son/daughter rightly deserves.

After a bond has been established and the trust factor is set, outside of the lesson when necessary or advised by a parent, our pro staff will help with conversations for school work and/or the trials and tribulations of peer pressure while sticking to his/her moral code. Also, if your son/daughter proves to respond accordingly then we have no problem writing recommendation letters wherever necessary as well.

The bottom line is that we are all about your son/daughter's success in life.
To our pro staff, this is more than just another lesson. 

- Mike Just, Owner / Operator



"Played with the Best…Training the Best"

Jeremiah 29:11-12

JUST HITS LLC, 50 Spring St, Ramsey, NJ 201-497-6000 INFO@JUSTHITSLLC.COM