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Carlos Mirabal

Carlos Mirabal -Just Hits LLC

Carlos was named as the pitching coach of the Rockland Boulder baseball team for the 2016 season.

Born and raised in Englewood, NJ, and as a child Carlos knew he was destined for pro ball. He went to high school in Hackensack, NJ at Bergen County Vocational Technical H.S where he was a stand-out, three sport athlete in football, basketball and baseball. Baseball was the sport where he knew he stood the best chance for his future.

Carlos had many offers on the table for D1 colleges as well as pro organizations who took an interest in him. Carlos’ junior summer he attended a prospect camp at Florida State University as a 3rd baseman/Pitcher with other top recruits around the nation. He was then invited to have a private workout with the NY Mets at Shea stadium but nothing ever transpired from it. Carlos went a different route and signed a contract in the Amateur League in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico. While playing in Puerto Rico he would rise up to have two separate contract offers. One was for the Puerto Rican National team, and one for the NY Yankees organization. Of course, he took the Yankees contract and his pro career began! He was there for a year and then ended up in an Independent League in Altoona Pennsylvania.

After a successful year there, he had the option to go back to Puerto Rico to play winter baseball in San Juan or head overseas to play professionally in Taiwan. He chose to go pro in Taiwan and would play 3 seasons before making the jump to the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan’s Major Leagues. Now here is where things get hairy.

After his season in Japan he was offered many major league contracts from the US. One of those contracts in particular came from the Colorado Rockies who offered him a guaranteed Major League contract with full salary and bonuses. When Carlos asked if the Nippon Ham Fighters would release him from his Japanese contract so he could go play Major League Baseball for the Rockies, they simply said, “No.”

NJ and NY newspapers covered articles about the Japanese team not letting him out of his contract to play in the MLB. The players union, the Rockies, Carlos’ agent, among others tried legally to get him out of Japan and with the Rockies. However, nothing could be done with the contract Carlos had signed. Carlos would stay in Japan for 5 more years and then suffer a shoulder injury in 2005 where he had Dr. James Andrews perform the surgery of course (best baseball surgeon in the country who Carlos has kept in contact with.)  Carlos would end up signing a contract in the Atlantic League with the Newark Bears in 2007. Later that year, Carlos signed a split contract with the Houston Astros. It was a Triple A/Major League contract. Carlos would make it to the last day of Spring and then unfortunately get released. The Astros offered Carlos to stay on as a pitching coach in their Minor League organization, but Carlos wasn’t ready to give up on the dream. Carlos signed back with the Bears in 2008 where he played with Mike. That 2008 season would be his last. Carlos’ career was comprised of an astounding 14 seasons professionally, most overseas, and dated from ’95 to September of 2008.

Carlos says, Along my travels I had numerous coaches to learn from. I was a student of the game and I wanted to learn everything on every position at all levels. I picked the brains of every coach I came across from Mike Martin (head coach at Florida State University), Trey Hillman (former KC Royals head coach and bench coach for the LA Dodgers), Mike Brown (former Red Sox/Texas Rangers pitcher), Nolan Ryan (you know who he is) to all my pitching coaches in the U.S., Taiwan, Japan and Puerto Rico. I learned a lot and I am always learning more. That’s the great thing about baseball. You can always learn more new stuff daily if you’re open to it. I’ve always lived my career by the following: “Use what works and why, and dump the rest.”  

“Experience is the best teacher. That phrase cries out to me when I think of Carlos and his career. From the struggles he endured, to his ability and willingness to persevere through them. Carlos is a game changer for Just Hits and has a mental edge like no other. No one has more experience on staff and his communication with the clients in lessons is superb! He is CPR certified and does baseball/softball specific personal training as well as pitching lessons. We are honored to have Carlos as a part of our organization and warmly welcome him aboard!” – Mike Just, Owner



"Played with the Best…Training the Best"

Jeremiah 29:11-12