That sound, the first crack of the bat.

Every year in early spring a special kind of joy comes over those who love America’s favorite pastime, baseball. This feeling is no different for the millions of kids who
dream of greatness when they pick up a bat and make their way to the plate.

In Just Baseball, Mike Just has created a guide to the world of baseball. Drawing from his own journey to the pros, Just better equips parents and players to make smart
decisions as they pursue the game while encouraging players to pursue excellence, maximize their talents, and inspire them to find greater satisfaction in the game.

The book covers these topics and more: At what age should youngsters start playing the game? What values will define a player’s baseball character?
How important is it to be a team player? What do baseball scouts look for? How can players gain an edge in recruiting? What if your head coach leaves?
Is being drafted out of high school a good or bad thing?

Baseball is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Learning how to make thoughtful choices that make the most sense for one’s own set of circumstances
is all part of getting to the next level. Mike Just’s own experience provides valuable insight for all those who are serious about baseball, and who want to be the best.


Click here to read a wonderful review of the book by Rick Wolff, a nationally-recognized expert in the field of sports psychology and sports parenting.




Washington Nationals Bullpen Coach Octavio Martinez invites Mike and his son Jack onto Citi Field to show his proud support of Just Baseball

Just Baseball”

by Mike Just

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Here’s a sneak preview of the information you will find in the 224 page book to assist you with your baseball career


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“Mike’s baseball experience was different than mine, and that is what is so important to understand. There are many different paths, and even more important decisions to make along the way. Often players or parents make the wrong decision simply because they do not have the right information or do not understand their options. What should I do with my 10-year-old who can’t get enough baseball? Where should high schoolers play in the summer? What are all the post–high school options? This book can help answer questions you may have, and make you aware of some questions you didn’t even know to ask. So I highly recom­mend you read Just Baseball, look at your own situation honestly, and let this book help you make a great decision about your or your child’s future career.”- Scott Brosius


Just Baseball”
by Mike Just

CHAPTER 1: Why This Book?

CHAPTER 2: So Many Choices—Leagues, Clubs, Schools, Etc.

How Young Do I Start? / How Do I Know Which Leagues Are Good? / Which High School? Does It Matter? / A Winning Program

CHAPTER 3: Preparation Can Make All the Difference

How Do I Prepare Before High School? / Importance of Strength Training, Conditioning, and Diet / Why Do Good Grades Matter?

CHAPTER 4: Private Instruction and Red Flags

CHAPTER 5: Goal Setting and Values

Goals Can Create Focus and Motivation / Taking Chances—Don’t Be Afraid to Fail / Performance-Enhancing Drugs / Be a Team Player

CHAPTER 6: The Mental Side of the Game

CHAPTER 7: The Next Level

How Do I Stack Up Against the Profile? / What Do Scouts Look For? / Tools of Hitting and Pitching / Know How You Project

CHAPTER 8: An Edge

Advantages / Recruiters—Good or Bad? / Showcases, Camps, and Showcase Teams / What Else Can I Do?

CHAPTER 9: Tricky Scenarios

The Advantages of Being a “Priority Guy” / What If the Head Coach Leaves? / Is Being Drafted Out of High School a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? / College Divisions—How Much Do They Matter?

CHAPTER 10: Top 10 Best College Summer Leagues

CHAPTER 11: The Pros

An Advisor or Agent? / The MLB Draft / Independent Ball—Good or Bad Move?

CHAPTER 12: Why Not You?


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Double—The Long Toss Program
Triple—Baseball Is Life
Home Run—Importance of a Coach/Instructor as a Mentor
Grand Slam—Mike Just’s Story