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Professional Baseball & Softball Instructors Wanted!


Just Hits LLC, a well established pro baseball/softball instructional facility in North Jersey (town of Westwood) with heat and a/c and is looking to hire. It was founded in 2009 by former pro player Mike Just and has grown 10 times over in its four years of existence. Once started in a trailor, we have 11 large lanes in an 11,400 square foot facility. 8 large hitting lanes are comprised of: 50 ft. L x 15 ft. H x 12 ft. W. 3 large pitching lanes are comprised of 68 ft. L x 15 ft. H x 9 ft. W.

  • One word, professional. The instructors, the facility, our presentation.
  • Large lane space width, length and height. No need to feel claustrophobic and unsafe.
  • Pay is best around for instructors.
  • Lighting and temp. is impeccable. We don't want you to feel like you're in the freezing cold Bat Cave.
  • Formula for success. Our training is entirely based upon math and physics concepts. We do not teach philosophy or merely teach what we were taught because we "said so." We have facts to back up our teaching which you will acquire if we feel you are the best fit for our pro staff.
  • Potential for housing to be arranged if you reside out of the area.
  • We ask for your hard work and comitment and all the rest we provide. If you are inquiring about a position with us, please read more about our facility on the page below and fill out the appropriate information with your resume attached
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